His Name Is Jesus
                                 (With introduction)
There is a name, that my Father has highly exalted;
And at that name, every knee before Him must bow.
He's God's loving Son, and He's filled Him with power and glory;
And there's no other name under heaven, whereby we must be saved.

His name is Je....sus! Je....sus!
King of all kings, High Priest, Lord of lords, 
His name is Je....sus! Je....sus!
Master and Savior and friend, I call Him Lord.

I'll sing to my King, singing songs; That exalt Him and please Him.
And I'll worship Him, Worship Him.... more with each passing day;
He's worthy of our adoration, and all we can give Him;
So let's open our hearts, and flow freely His goodness to praise.
Comp: by David Ingles
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