I Know That Jesus Will Come

I know that Jesus will come,
Dear saints he promised it so;
Just how or when I donít know,
Whether at noon or before;
But on that day that heíll come
My heart salvation will claim;
My troubled days will be gone,
Praise Him, Amen.
My heart will shout, to the Lord of Lords;
To the King of Kings, my heart will sing;
When in Beulah Land, Iíll understand
That the chosen lot, in the will of God
Suffered not in vain.

As I journey through life,
Dark clouds of sorrow and strife;
Sometimes they hinder my way,
Jarring my soul with dismay;
But this one thing I will say,
That not far off is the day
When God will surely, I pray
Carry my burdens away.

The world slumbers away
In sin it harbors all day;
To some the gospel of Christ
Means but a passing sight;
But to the children of God,
It means salvation and light;
The road to heavenly sod,
Land of Jubilant Tide. 
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Played by Larry C. Rios

Composed by Rev. Lorenzo Salazar, who served as a missionary in Nicaragua and El Salvador (1951-1955). He also served as Bishop President of the Apostolic Assembly (1970-1978).