Rise Again 
                       (With introduction)
Go ahead, drive the nails in My hands;
Laugh at me... where you stand.
Go ahead, and say it isn't Me;
The day will come... when you will see.
'Cause I'll rise.... again;
Ain't no power on earth can tie Me down!
Yes, I'll rise..... again;
Death can't keep Me in the ground.

Go ahead…, mock My name;
My love for you….. is still the same.
Go ahead, and bury Me;
But very soon….., I will be free!

Go ahead, and say I'm dead and gone,
But you will see that you were wrong.
Go ahead, try to hide the Son;
But all will see that I'm the One!
                (Final refrain)
'Cause I'll come again!
Ain't no power on earth can keep Me back!
Yes, I'll come again;
Come to take My people back.
Comp: Dallas Holm

Played by Larry C. Rios
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