The World Needs Jesus

The world needs Jesus but why should I tell you,
You're busy with no time to spare.
They're dying without him who's known by just a few,
How long then this thought can you bare?
Jesus who died for you and me on the cross,
He died for your neighbor too.
How can you live without a burden for the lost?
May God have mercy on you.

Millions are dying towards God to heed their call,
Hoping their lives will be spared.
Who then would dare to redeem their precious soul
If only someone like you would care.

If Jesus the saviour has given you a chance,
Why canít you at least share his love.
Salvation eternal would be their recompense,
If only youíll llead them towards God.

Jesus is calling the harvest time is come,
How long will you light and idle be;
If God so loved the world, that he gave his only son,
Heíll give himself again thru to you and me.

Played by Larry C. Rios

Composed by Rev. Lorenzo Salazar, who served as a missionary in Nicaragua and El Salvador (1951-1955). He also served as Bishop President of the Apostolic Assembly (1970-1978).
Brother Salazar told me that he composed this song on a 3 day trip between Nicaragua and El Salvador on a motorcycle.
Larry C. Rios